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Chinpokomon, Number One!!!

Series: Silph Radio: A Pokemon Podcast

Episode: #059 Chinpokomon (With Justin Addison and Craig Lewis)

Contributors: Nathan Kappesser, Justin Addison, Craig Lewis

Release Date: July 22, 2018

Length: 1 hour, 25 minutes, 17 seconds

Summary: South Park brilliantly satirized our beloved Pokemon franchise in the third season episode "Chinpokomon." For the first time, we've got Justin and Craig together, to join us in a detailed look at all 30 official Chinpokomon.

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Warning: Explicit Language


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Nathan Kappesser


Some fictional universes have a strange, satirical relationship with reality. South Park is a -- No, the -- classic example of this. When it serves the narrative -- or more accurately, the jokes -- South Park exists in a world not too dissimilar from our own. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all served their terms as U.S. President (while the four boys remain eternally prepubescent). However, in 2016, the American people inhabiting this construction-paper universe elected elementary school teacher Herbert Garrison to that most coveted office (it could've been worse).

This loose satirical realism applies to media and pop culture as well. Mickey Mouse, The Avengers, Family Guy, and Time-Cop all exist alongside Terrance & Phillip as entertainment options for Cartman and the gang. Our beloved Pokemon, however, does not. In it's place is a dumbed-down, utterly ridiculous spoof of Japanese anime and American capitalism known as Chinpokomon, or Small Penis Monster.

Professional artist Justin Addison and podcast personality Craig Lewis join your host Nathan Kappesser to dissect and discuss all 30 of South Park's original Chinpokomon creatures, as well as a few cancelled designs that didn't make the cut. Some of them can be spotted in the titular season three episode, while some of them were created exclusively for the 2014 video game South Park: The Stick of Truth.

The hosts have fun discussing the logistics of how the South Park universe works, the development process behind Chinpokomon, and the powers and abilities of each unique creature. We give the whole, stupid Chinpoko-World the same Silph treatment we'd give any Pokemon centered topic, and make some very interesting discoveries along the way. The mythical and real-life parallels evident in some of the Small Penis Monsters' designs are often too incredible to be coincidence.

This episode contains a short clip from South Park (Season 03, Episode 11), which is owned by Comedy Central. Use of this clip is intended to comply with Fair Use regulations, and is included for review and satirical purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

~Nathan K.


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