• Nathan Kappesser

NEW SHOW!! The Last Word: Jurassic Park

Presenting a BRAND NEW series from Secret Room Multimedia!!! Nathan Kappesser, of Fair Point Podcast, Fair Enough Podcast, and Silph Radio: A Pokemon Podcast, brings us a new YouTube series all about everyone's favorite (and only) dinosaur-centric franchise!

"The Last Word: Jurassic Park" is a show exclusively committed to in-depth discussion of Nathan's first obsession (well... after Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters), the Jurassic Park franchise! Our debut episode breaks down the ending of Fallen Kingdom and how many critics are missing the point of the movie.

We've got lots of cool Jurassic Park topics we've been itching to talk about, and after subjecting you guys to three podcasts in a row about it, we figured it was only fair to give this topic its own dedicated channel. Please help us out and go hit that Subscribe button. Everybody asks, but we're audiophiles out of our element and could really use that extra push on YouTube!

~Nathan K.


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