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"Return to Jurassic Park" Unpublished Comics Finally Revealed!!

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Series: Fair Enough Podcast

Episode: #61 Return to Jurassic Park - The Lost Comics

Contributors: Nathan Kappesser, Craig Lewis, Justin Addison

Release Date: May 16, 2018

Length: 2 hours, 3 minutes, 17 seconds

Summary: Part two of a three part series looking at the Topps Comics Jurassic Park stories of the 1990s. The "Return To Jurassic Park" comics have always been one of the most mysterious corners of the Jurassic Park expanded universe. The Green Flame arc, about the U.S. Army concocting a grand conspiracy to cover up something they discovered on Isla Nublar, was cancelled midway with no conclusion after issue four. However, we got our hands on the actual scripts for the next four unpublished stories in the Green Flame arc! This is a Secret Room exclusive - nobody else has seen or covered these stories before. Join us and be one of the first to hear where the stories of Grant, Sattler, and newcomer Edgar Prather would have went.

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Warning: Explicit language.


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Nathan Kappesser


Extra extra. We've got an exclusive scoop, and a timely one at that. Timely in the sense that the new Jurassic World movie comes out in about a month. Decidedly untimely in the sense that this is part two of a three part series, and part one came out in February. Our bad. You can tell we recorded this episode a lil' while ago, as we mention "Infinity War" more than a few times without ever taking an aside to promise no spoilers. Don't worry. It wasn't out yet. We don't spoil it.

I hope you'll pardon the clickbaity title. It really is the most appropriate title I could come up with. Over twenty years ago, this comic series (Return to Jurassic Park, written by Steve Englehart) was prematurely cancelled, leaving a particularly eventful story thread hanging for the most dedicated of Jurassic Park fangirls to obsess over.

Pictured: The most dedicated of Jurassic Park fangirls.

Well, guess what? Craig and I managed to get our hands on a small little piece of Jurassic Park mythology that we're fairly positive we are the first fans to lay eyes upon. The unpublished scripts for the original issues #5-#8, written by the original author of Raptor, Raptors Attack, Raptors Hijack, and the first four issues of Return to Jurassic Park.

In the newest episode of Fair Enough Podcast, we conduct an in-depth analysis and review of Issues #1-#8 of Steve Englehart's Return to Jurassic Park. This is part two in a three part series, and it's recommended you listen to the first part before jumping into this one, as Return to Jurassic Park follows the Raptor saga in continuity. Besides, it'll be more fun that way. A direct link to part one will be listed below, or you can find it with the rest of the episodes from your podcast directory of choice! The third and final part is coming soon! We're not gonna make you wait three months for the last chapter in our look back at the Topps published Jurassic Park stories of the nineties. Enjoy the podcast! And check back here for a podcast about Fallen Kingdom when the time comes. I'm sure I won't be able to resist.

~Nathan K.


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