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SALE!!! New Album!! "Play" by Nathan Kappesser

Album Title: "Play"

Artist: Nathan Kappesser

Release Date: 08/31/2018

Length: 49 minutes, 41 seconds

Direct Link: https://nathankappesser.bandcamp.com/album/play


01. "Paint By Numbers" (5:58)

02. "A Long Winter" (5:13)

03. "Adapt" (4:19)

04. "Apparatus Peculiar" (2:41)

05. "Worry Wort" (3:42)

06. "Churn" (4:42)

07. "Arcane Arcade" (2:15)

08. "Catachresis" (2:10)

09. "Alchemy Box" (2:50)

10. "Alan Smithee" (3:14)

11. "Howe Caverns" (5:14)

It's been six years since Spiders, the first album in Nathan Kappesser's Our Respected Fellow Citizen trilogy, was released, and five since the previous installment, The Unknot. Finally, after a delay that's lasted far too long, the third and final chapter in this experimental electronic epic, titled Play, is finally available to stream for free or purchase for only $2 to help support Fair Point Podcast and Silph Radio: A Pokemon Podcast!!

But don't click that "Purchase" button just yet!! We have an exclusive Autumn Sale running! For just $2 -- the same price as the album -- you can get my entire discography, including Play! That comprises the Our Respected Fellow Citizen trilogy (Spiders, The Unknot, and Play) as well as the 17 minute vaporwave "audio experience" Retail Therapy. To get this deal, simply visit the album page and then click "Buy Digital Discography" instead of "Buy Digital Album." (Note: This sale ends Winter 2018)

And in case you'd like to check out the other three albums available in this package, while you're here...

Thanks for supporting Secret Room Multimedia! I sincerely hope you enjoy the album. More music, podcasts, videos, and comics are on their way!!

~Nathan K.


#112 Fair Twenty - A Psychedelic Experience

#38 "Retail Therapy/Suicide Radio"

#76 The Guy Fawkes Episode (Remix)

#70 The Spiders Episode, or "Pioneers Of Podcasting" (With Our Respected Fellow Citizen)

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